Let’s get started, 2017

2017…A new year for more fresh starts…I love it! Though at 20 days in, I am wondering have I done all I could? Let me look; let’s look together.

To say for sure, the beginning was slow and a bit mournful with Tuesday the 3rd being my friend’s funeral.  Such a loss of life and light for sure. I am grateful for the gifts she shared, the courage she projected and the passion she created among her peers.  Knowing her fight was ending, asking me three days before her death to take over her women’s group.  Again, courage, passion & gifts….such beauty!  So in her honor, on Wednesday, instead of my usual quick note to Ellen DeGeneres, I began my monthly email with more intention; a full paragraph & intro. Yes, I drop The Ellen Show a brief, how-do-you-do, each month, just in case they want to share some of my light & journey with the world. I think she does an amazing job & would love her in my corner any day!

Thursday 1/5, I had a meeting at the Capitol to go over the mission and agenda for a wonderful non-profit I am passionate about; Texas Gun Sense. Common Sense guns laws without hampering our Second Amendment Rights.  In Texas…yes, it is a challenge…to say the least!!!

The first full weekend of the New Year; since the 1st fell on a Sunday, it was more of a Farwell & good riddance to 2016.  This weekend would be new, exciting, note worthy!  First a free gig Friday Night at a small cozy comfortable new venue; 3 Ten ACL Live. Opening act… Vitera!!! A heavy metal  Austin Latino Rock Band lead by Electric Violinist HAYDN VITERA along with a really great friend of mine playing bass; Roberto Ramos.  What a show….exhilarating! And if that were not enough, they opened for another Austin icon; Vallejo.  Yes, sometimes, the Friday Night Lights of Texas are even better in the dead of winter!  Saturday, 1/7 dinner & a movie with my friend, my love, my biggest supporter!  I need not say more. Finally, Sunday family time with lots of love to help rejuvenate for the coming week.

Monday 1/9 began the week my most common way; taking care of business, the house and preparing for the days ahead. Tuesday morning I had a meeting with a great ally & friend.  That evening I was the guest speaker for an outreach group at Westminster, a contemporary senior living community.  Wednesday 1/11 was lobby day at the State Capitol for Texas Gun Sense. As a gun violence survivor I was interview by Fox news, KXAN & KVUE.  The group visited numerous legislators, watched the film Newtown, held our quartly meeting for the TX Coalition to Reduce Gun Violence and finished the day with a play preferred by theater students from Yates HS in Houston.  It was an amazing day and the play was the perfect icing!

Thursday was a ‘recuperation’ day with my usual Higher Brain Living appointment. Higher Brain Living is a breathing & meditation technique I discovered last spring. I totally recommend!  Friday I subbed for Mr. Henry at the day school where I used to teach. I don’t sub too much anymore and only for a handful of the cool teachers with good classes.  I’m picky!

The weekend brought a road trip to a wedding and good family time. The 16th was MLK day. Relax!

I had my first job interview in quite some time on the 17th. It went well and I’m keeping fingers crossed! I think their decision date is the 31st. Stay tuned! That evening was the first meeting for the New Year of an awesome network group I’m in. Amazing Women’s Alliance. Love it!!!

Weds. 1/18 I attended my monthly support group for people with brain injuries.  I began attending these last Aug. / Sept after Dr. Wright asked if I would come to help motivate some of the others. I’m not sure she knows how it motivates me as well!

Thursday was a good but busy day. After my usual morning meditation, journaling & emails, I went to a luncheon with a nice group of ladies.  As with all groups some of the ladies I really enjoy and others….let’s just I’ll pass.  The afternoon brought another Higher Brain appointment which went really well. I love it when my thoughts are so clear. A challenge for sure sometimes with this battered brain of mine! The evening brought a lovely dinner at home followed by the live production of “Tommy”. So cool!

Now it’s Friday and I’m prepping for a big day tomorrow at the Capitol and The Women’s March on Austin which will coincide with the event in Washington DC. 20,000+ people are expected! Just crazy… we inaugurate DT as President and tomorrow we march.  America… the beautiful….home of the free… I am grateful!

OK, back to the beginning of this and my first thought….I’d say not a bad start!






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