Book Reviews

“Brave sharing with plenty of laughs to balance the intensity of this inspiring memoir.”
– Dean Lofton,

“This is definitely a “must read” book written by a strong and courageous lady. It was difficult to read about the horrific trials she had to endure but tells her story with humor, tears, joy and love. It’s a book so well written, it was difficult to put down, wanting to go on to the next chapter. I loved it!”
– James Anundson

“Susie shares a story both troubling and triumphant. Her perseverance to embrace life after sustaining a traumatic brain injury serves as inspiration for anyone facing challenging circumstances. Her message resonates as a powerful plea for peace while advocating for all those in need of strength, support, and hope.”
– Mary Ann Ebner,

“I read it in 3 days! I didn’t want it to end… What a story. Brave and humorous. Spoiler alert… The camping trip was told with gusto and I couldn’t stop laughing as my family goes camping often and it isn’t a lightweight sport! You have to read this book to know the joy and spirit of the author. My top read and with summer coming on you too will find humor and humility from the pages!” -Albin

“I found the book very interesting & engaging. While Susan Nelson’s struggle is difficult to imagine, hearing about the day to day fight to get her life back is inspiring and sometimes funny! Having met the author before reading the book, I would say she has recovered beautifully! I could never have guessed she had gone through such a debilitating tragedy.” -Kat

“An incredible story.” -Liz


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